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Incredible! G-Spot: Spot Birahii disclose Mysteries

Successful or not two-man time to reach orgasme make, from the beginning you a pair or not to play a role. If not, only a smattering of sex didapatnya. Where the dots "want" it?

Mystery zone "source of pleasure" when more people make or the G-spot always attract men and women. G-spot is one or more of the sensitive point that is still a mystery for most men. Reaction caused usually enough to make men want to find again the source of delight.

The letter G in the G-spot comes from the name of a doctor. Ernst Grafenberg who find in the 1950s. According to the doctors, the G-spot is located on the body of a woman in Miss Ginie in the top of the wall. It was swell, and usually generate a response akan fun, so on the part of the cause of women orgasme.

Reaction to the G-spot stimulation, the Grafenberg, as written Joel D. Block, Ph.D, at the book Secrets of Better Sex, vary widely. There are some women are very sensitive, too sensitive or not sensitive at all. So, when should a woman menyentu part sensitifnya.

One example that is always happy after a husband and wife relationship is Dody and Ranti. Even though they already are endowed with a child, this newly enjoy have sex. Before the children get, though often making love (ML), never felt the orgasme. In fact, many times. According to Dody, men aged 35 this year, he realized the new wife satisfied married after five years. "Previously I had thought. Main ya main course," said bank employee record is red.

But, more Dody, after he read an article sex, desire arises explore sensitive areas and the G-spot wife. "If you are exposed to some point, the movement can be controlled istriku do," he said. Dody also be the word of the wife without a doubt. Women who are now working on a foreign insurance company is so happy when kenikmatannya wall left by her husband. "I experienced the extraordinary orgasme if my husband played in the area of fingers G-spot," he said. This is also a woman who makes a child this never complain concerning the relationship of love with her husband.

Before you dig up and started search of the G-spot, remember that your brain and the pair have to make my mind was filled with love and affection from the center orgasme. If you can let your mind freely without feeling terbebani, he is fun for a very expected.

Keingintahuan is the nature of every natural man. Similarly, in sexual matters. Almost all men do, in fact point maan only woman I can be crazy if? Well, before you do a search for adventure zone erotic woman, make sure you are in comfortable, clean and full of love.

Here are some dots that make women to be ready to fight when his current "strike".

1. Thigh
Do not ever apply rough time that was filled with the nerve is. Let your finger with the dancing on the soft skin of enchantment.

2. Back of the knee
Can not be denied if the area behind the knee into the arena of "capitulation" of women themselves. For, at this location, all nerve ends in the back of the knee.

3. Posterior
Gratitute signal message when you want to make a pair. Address your hands in this area and make sure he felt the kesenangannya. For you know, the most sensitive area is at the bottom end of the spine and bending the meeting between the thigh and buttocks. Make a variety of movement to provide a different sensation.

4. Neck
Just breathe the air around the neck to make your wife terbuai. Especially if your hands or lips "play", lenguhan napasnya akan heard. Hold the soft-neck with one hand and the other hand membelainya. Treatment like this will make him give up pasrah.

5. Ear
Bisikkan romantic words in your ear. Tendence say if you want to bermesraan with. Osculation seerotis may do to back up to your wife. Remove and see if he moves the body erotic.

6. Feet
Make a whole day walking foot massage to ask for attention. Dote about the foot, from the bottom, fingers, heels up to, how to pair well with the foreplay.

7. Breast
This is the first man to remember a woman's body. In addition to beautiful shapes, the location is very sensitive to the stimulus. Wujudnya also make you free to touch any form. Discover, if you prefer to pair you with a little soft or coarse.

8. Wrist
It seems strange if this one point sensitive woman. But the reason may be that fashion experts suggest that women put perfume in the circle around the hand. For, there is a sensitive pulse there. He certainly impressed akan if you explore this area.

9. Genitalia
Place one need not debate this again. This is the feeling in the area of most intense sexual woman if distimulasi. Once the meet place, touch the terlembut sensation will provide a fun and unusual. Even if not met, as usual, to find it was quite a thrill?

10. Lips
This is the most sensitive point in the woman's body. Do not pass up this bagina only because you are too eager to do exploration in other parts. The woman's mouth can be manipulated in such a way so he will feel enthusiastic, inflame, as well disayang dalamw aktu together. Smack lips give women everything they need during the relationship. Especially when dealing intimate. If you never reach your peak in the smooch, kenikmatannya taste sensation.