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Provides advanced massage for Husband

KOMPAS.com - In addition to her husband can make more 'hot' in bed through the visual stimulus (you see the section) or whisper words of the section, you can also merangsangnya touch with. Not only can touch the prod making inflame. Touch-point massage at a certain point, with the strength of the right pressure can mengantarnya to the seventh heaven.

Ready to make it shock? 7 Next steps for the sensual massage that he shared from The Nest and Jane Buckingham, author of Modern Girls' Guide to Life. Before you begin, prepare the equipment near the bed, such as towels and massage oil if you do not want to berth infected droplets of oil. Or, for more intimate atmosphere, turn off the lights turn on and aromatherapy candles.

Step 1: Request a husband without a shirt lying telungkup, Sit at the bokongnya as menunggangi horses. Gosokkan both the second hand until you enough heat, and place one palm on the top of the back, and the other at the bottom of the spine. This is done as a 'permission' to start memijatnya. This will take more rileks husband and touch you know.

Step 2: Gosokkan little massage oil in between the hands to make it warm. Slowly push the hands towards the top of the husband and came back several times. Make sure your hand can slide freely in the back. Pressure in this first, make sure you do not press your back is too strong. Because the musculature is still rigid. Whatever you do, whether it take the oil or scratch your nose, do not leave the back blank, leave the one hand you are still touching the back. Then start with the back muscles squeeze slowly. Make sure that when you knead the meat or muscle pain does not make it, check on whether you have enough strength or excess. Remasan you make do not make up her husband in pain, massage should make rileks, not to pinch the skin.

Start to knead / massage ototnya at the shoulder. At this time, because you sit in the back, you can put 4 fingers in the shoulder, finger and thumb on the back. The more meat you can cengkeram slowly, the pain is not too pijatannya. If you feel there is such benjolan which means the ototnya is rigid, not directly in the press center. Directly to the press center is painful. Would be better if you try to expedite the flow of blood to the muscle is pushing outwards slowly but repeatedly. Feel rigid muscles begin decreasing.

Step 3: Done with the back, turn your body. Start the squeeze back down and bokongnya. Take oil massage again, this time focus on the bottom of the oil palm. With your fingers toward the top, use the heel or palm the ball to hit the bottom of the back. Make a few times, then start the massage bokongnya. Still using the palm ball, do massage with movement plays in each butt cheek.

Go to the feet. Rotate your body, sitting facing back toward his head. Mundurkan your body until your hands can be free with a thigh massage the back. Oleskan oil massage on the back thigh. Then, create a clench not too strong, press, press and behind the thigh a few times along the back of the thigh. Do not press the back tumitnya. There are a lot of nerve pain if pressure is.

Betisnya to reverse direction, remas-remas part ototnya with power while being interesting to the direction of the feet. Repeat several times. To rub their feet, have a husband to membalikan body. It is easier to memijatnya the recumbent position. You can beat the slow tumitnya, and press-the press and the legs with your thumb.

Step 4: go to the lengannya. Again use the grip between ball and hand fingertips on the top of the arm to the direction of the hands he was. Then at the bottom hand, use your thumb to rub the style reflection to ease tensions ototnya. Make the second lengannya.

Step 5: After the massage hands, massage your body can start the future, from the chest, to the ends of the legs. At this stage, you may continue or perform at your event. If you would like to give surprises him, try pusatkan massage in the thigh or in part at the bottom of the stomach, the body hair pubis. Light pressure there can make the husband inflame.

Step 6: After the massage the front of the body, do not forget to rub his head. Sit bersila, then place the back of the neck in your calf. Requested he turn his head facing to the left, use your finger to squeeze from the back of his head to face the direction of movement to play a few times. Do not press too fast, because this section is quite sensitive. Make a right on the head. As a suffix, press-press gently on the top of the head from the forehead to the back of the head.

Step 7: Give a glass of drinking water for your partner to eliminate poisons in the body. Do not let him fall asleep, it is your turn for a massage, right?