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Women Making a whim Men Ilfil

KOMPAS.com - not only women who object to the fad-fad small party which is not considered good. Without You know, men can also ilfil with ulah everyday women. You may be considered trivial, but because of the large effect. Here are the survey results Kompas.com to a number of men on women's actions that are considered annoying:

Brake can not vote
Who resistant hear shouting from your voice so loud? Anad vote only akan painful ear of the man. Moreover not all people need to hear how gembiranya because you meet a new friend a long time, eh? According to this man with the framework of comfort in the sound around, and will make you look like a coquettish woman looking like the attention.

Do not know the manner
Who gregarious with people who do not understand polite-polite? Laughter, pick one's nose, paw private body parts in public, not closed coughing, and not polite when meeting new people. That is a matter concerning a quite common decency. Not only men, women also did not like it. Of course, the problem of self-cleaning can also be linked here. Men like women with a beautiful, but the important thing is clean, not smell, and not slouchy.

Unmute while eating
There are some people who can not afford muffled mouth while chewing food. Not only great to eat at any time, even while eating candy. This is a frustrating fact for the men. Try to eat without a beep.

Ribbing often men-men in the street? Really frustrating. But, of course harmless to smile a little, eh? At least, not sullen in the style of Victoria Beckham all occasions. Be careful, later dikira you just can botoks injection, so that can not drive your face.

Most women like to appear beautiful. How to anywhere, in any way may appear attractive. There are glass? Whoa, do check! Sounds like you? Wow, be careful, perhaps he is jengah with you that this oddity. Indeed, you can not look untidy, but not mean every second, every object can have shadow show, and you ngaca, eh?

Correcting the position of clothes
You should wear clothes that fit in the body. See you justify clothes with him each time the road is also not visible mengenakkan. You do not look comfortable with yourself and your own clothing. Incidentally, is not a problem. But if every few minutes once you attract to your skirt or down interesting lace bra, you do not look comfortable or confident.

Curse and lash-down
Oops, this already ilfil make sure anyone who hears. Men or women who berate pleased with words that do not sound complacent akan rough. Moreover condemn things that are not actually in place. Anything as beautiful as you, removing the words of this kind does not politely make sure akan ilfil.

Ribet face with the trappings
In fact, this is one fad that never liked men, too. Kompas.com respondents stated that this would make the women look "high maintenance" and can not be seseruan. A norm is not written in the United States, that women should not improve the powder or lipstick on the table. Especially in front of the spouses. So, if it feels there is something wrong with your equipment, go to the toilet.

Criticizing their own bodies
Constantly complained about the big arm, or belly bulge, is not a fun attitude. Not only will make the people looking at the side of your body (according to you) is less than ideal, but also make other people feel uncomfortable. Moreover, things like this will make you look like the person who is not confident. So, if next time you tempted to make the body shape or size of your own, take steps to mengoreksinya. For example, take Pilates classes once a week, or healthy food message.

Old shopping
Well, if that includes hard to change. Because, women are basically terbagus always looking for items with the cheapest price, eh? Unfortunately, the men can not exclaim him feel like a woman shopping. For this one, others may want to spend time when friends should get women only. Because, honest, really boring waiting for someone shopping, especially in a long time, which in turn will select only the goods first seen.