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Free Teen Sex Indonesia riot

Where the parents do not know bergidik data on the behavior of free teen sex Indonesia now below. Free sex has become quite a normal thing! How do I menangkalnya? Research in various countries found that teenagers will avoid involvement with the sex-free, if they can discuss sexual issues with the master. That is, parents should be sexuality educators for their children!

Past siapkah our parents to be sexuality educators for our children? How smooth tongue so that we do not have to mute when talking with indecent our children?

Discover answered in workhsop Salamaa 1-3 June 2007.

And data to know more about the sexual behavior of adolescent free time now, please see article below.

Free association
Asro Kamal Rokan

KH Abdul Rasyid Abdullah Safii seen him once. Yayasan Islam leader Universities As-Syafi'iyah provides several pieces of newspaper clippings. "Please read this. I do not know what is happening in this nation, "he said quickly. Kiai Rasyid not talk much, but the face shape to show how concerned he was right on the mass communication media.

Copy of various media clippings that, when I read, are very troubled. Media Indonesia (6 / 1) Kantor Berita Antara quoted writing, "85 Percent 15 Year Teen Sex Connect". City News (11 / 2) gave the title, "Cianjur Ngesek half of the students." Then, Republika Daily publication 1 March 2007 wrote, "Sexual disease Threatens Who Pun." In news that is also written, "Almost 50 percent of adolescent women in Indonesia to have sex outside of marriage."

News in Republika quoted survey results Indonesian Family Planning Association (PKBI). Surveys conducted in 2003 in five cities, including Bandung, Jakarta and Yogyakarta. PKBI results of the survey, which also cited Media Indonesia, says that as many as 85 percent of adolescents aged 13-15 years claim to have have sex with their boyfriend. Research was conducted on 2005 respondents terhadap2.488 in Tasikmalaya, Cirebon, Singkawang, Palembang, and Kupang.

Ironically, according to Executive Director PKBI, Inne Silviane, sex is done in the home-home where they seek refuge. Some 50 percent of teenagers confess that watching pornographic media, including VCD. Research is also of note, 52 percent who understand how pregnancy can occur.

Other research conducted Annisa Foundation, as quoted Warta Kota. Made, 42.3 percent of junior high and high school students in Cianjur do have sexual relations. According to them, sex is like to be the same like, and even have a pair flit. Research was conducted Annisa Foundation (AF) in the July-December 2006 to 412 respondents, who came from 13 junior and high schools and private land.

Laila Sukmadewi, Executive Director of AF, said sex outside marriage is generally done because the respondents like the same love. Only about 9 percent of its economy. "So, not economic reasons. A concern, as many as 90 percent of states understand religious values, and they know that sin, "said Laila. Described, most of them using contraceptives that are sold freely, as much as 12 percent using the method of coitus interuptus.

Facts of the riot was Rasyid KH. He berujar in a bitter tone, "Disasters continue to befall the nation can be improved, but the disaster caused damage to the moral, how fix it?" Not only KH Rasyid, anyone concerned with this nation, of interest in the breath-in. How sympathetic, young people understand that the teachings of religion, understand sin, and as a result of ditimbulkannya. There must be a wrong to the nation.

Impressions of television, media porno smelly, the approach that teenagers do have sex outside of marriage. VCD and DVD porn so easily obtained with only Rp 5,000. Dirazia once, then again diperjualbelikan free. Education system that pursuing the numbers also give at least damage the young generation.

Survey results that should bring us, the educators, parents, scholars, the television, mass media, and of the government. The figures revealed that it may be top of the mountain ice. After this, if we leave the moral disaster that continues nauzubillahdapat-the only family we override?
O God, this disaster is very real and frightening ....