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12 point Erogen stimulus Sex On Women

12 point Erogen stimulus Sex On Women. Let's discuss the point erogen women in the body, are useful tips for new couples or couples household yag long to add intimacy.

There are many dots that make up the passionate pair akan We, We know how the home turn it on.

1. Head (sensitivity: 3 / 5)
Try to massage his head, run your finger in his head, or pull with a soft, this will make him feel comfortable. Wash your hair, this will generate gairahnya!

2. Ear (sensitivity: 4 / 5)
Run your tongue around the outside of the ears, lap, gigit2 intercommunion, or use your mouth to meng'gigit 'part before, do not you probably will not burn him directly! Avoid your tongue inside your ear, just outside it, this will not make them want to hold merengkuh you soon!
3. Lips (sensitivity: 3 / 5)
Let your lips touch your lips with a soft, if you're cruel, do not have one, you do aggressive attack, which remember, do not continuously, soft lips smack, and you will open the gate that would not be closing again!

4. Neck (sensitivity: 3 / 5)
Perfect part for you to explore in different ways, hisapan, kiss, bite intimate with the lips, or lick seduce small. Try to play your tongue from the neck up to the area between her lips and ears!

5. Breast (sensitivity: 4 / 5)
Regional course in addition to tempt you, also for the very seduce him. This area you can burn with a variety of ways, and a variety of media, both fingers, teeth, tongue, lips, even your genitals. At the time of any related, with a gentle squeeze of movement will be very interesting and fun for him.

Because this area is very sensitive, it's good you are extra careful, if he shows start feeling uncomfortable, immediately reduce the intensity of attacks in your area.

6. Arm (sensitivity: 2 / 5)
Run your finger, starting from the elbow, to the armpit, run with the soft and do not forget, at the time of travel, also touching the outside of the breast and waist!

7. Stomach (sensitivity: 4 / 5)
Smack and a path with your tongue, from the chest up towards the tool kelaminnya. The long and the more soft and smacker game in your area, the more thirsty he will touch you. Tips small: waist indentation in the woman is very very sensitive!

8. Feet (sensitivity: 2 / 5)
This area is filled with the ends of the nerve that is ready to receive a smacker, lick, touch and fondling you! Area in the thigh and back of the knee is a region that is not closing may want more if you know how to finger and play with your tongue section. Once again the path of a left knee to right knee with your tongue, and a small lingkaran2 at the time of making these routes. Do not forget, bonus' accidentally 'touch the soft areas of gender, that will make him truly pasrah and you will not want to stop moving.

9. Foot (sensitivity: 2 / 5)
With gentle foot massage or tickling the feet, and if you like, hisap thumbs feet, can be ascertained he will soon melt.

10. Spine (sensitivity: 2 / 5)
Women love once and love to a massage! Back with a gentle massage and release all tension from the body, and sometimes give a smacker akan immediately make him want to hug you stretch.

11. Buttocks (sensitivity: 2 / 5)
This region, appeared to have a lot of open end of the nerve that will make women moan of pleasure. Remas soft, soft nip, smacker sweet or even a hand in the soft pantatnya akan burned himself making passionate!

12. Tools Kelamin (sensitivity: 5 / 5)
Of course, should not be searched again. It is clear that this area is very sensitive, every fold, and the walls of women's genitals is a part that you can explore the soft, either with your finger or tongue, and guaranteed, wherever you landed lip smacker, at that desahan akan irrespective of mouth.

Believe and not all live and practice my comments waiting...................