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G full-Spot and Women's Reproductive Health

Based on the definition of the Ministry of Health, it is known that the reproductive health situation is completely healthy and reproductive processes. Thus, reproductive health conditions not only free from disease, but how someone can have a sexual life in a safe and satisfying both before marriage and after marriage.
Hearing Women's Reproductive Anatomy
The tool itself is reproductive parts of our bodies that continue to function in offspring. Tools reproductive women with different means of male reproduction. In this article we will discuss more specific means of reproductive women.

Women's reproductive tool consists of two parts, namely the in and outside. Have a function in part as follows:
• genitalia lips (labia mayora), the heartland periwigged, functions as a protector and keep the remains in the humid.
• lips in the genitals (labia minora), the area that is not blond and has a network of fiber sensorik very knowledgeable sensitive because it contains the end of the nerve.
• Vagina, the cavity between the means of reproduction and women in the outside.
The tools of the outer female reproductive function has the following:
• Vagina the outside, which is an exit for menstrual blood and a way out when the baby is born (are very flexible sehinggga the baby can come out through the vagina).
• Neck womb (cervix), which is between the vagina and uterus.
• Rahim (uterus), where cells that have been fertilized egg grows in the womb during pregnancy. When the egg is not fertilized, the eggs stick to the cell wall of the womb. Next womb wall thick exuviate ago and flow out in the form of blood. This is called menstruation (menstruasi).
• Channels of eggs (falopii tuba), the two channels that are located next to the uterus and left kanana that serves as the womb cavity and ovary.
• Two ovary (ovarium), functional cells to produce eggs and hormones peremputan namely progesterone and estrogen. Above the influence of hormones, as many as one to two eggs cooked the cells of each month, then released to the uterus wall. Wall of the womb will be thick, which is actually useful as a place to nest after the egg cell fertilized.

Nah ... if signs of maturity means of reproduction of women? Women's reproductive maturity instruments marked by the occurrence of first menstruation, which is called menarche. Usually we take the children so that young people have grown baligh, which began around the age of 8-12 years. When a woman has experienced menarche, that means the body already produces egg cells that can be fertilized by sperm produced by the body of men, and can cause pregnancy.
Position Women's G-Spot
In addition to reproductive tool before, you also need to identify one area that is often called the G-Spot. G-Spot (Grafenberg Spot) is now frequently discussed in various media. He said, the point G-Spot is a narrow space behind the pubis bone of women who, when left this will give the sensation Luarbiasa.

Spot G-Spot can be found by inserting the fingers into the Vagina palm facing forward. With the touch and play with it, you can create multiple pairs of women orgasme. G Spot terstimulasi can also make a good time with the position doggy style or spooning.

Nah ... Seeing the body of knowledge of anatomy and reproductive tool, of course you can now prepare to enjoy a wonderful time together. Do not be afraid to try and pair mengekplorasi body, because creativity is the element that is essential to develop intimate relationships that always gairah.