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Fishing so that women

Usually, always pursuing the lelakilah-NGEJAR idamannya women, giving more attention, and the love. But, now also time to enjoy agresivitas women, and men who become women diincar. How? Easy, with tips small, it is not impossible. But, this secret lho?

The first time that you have to do is make you self serileks possible. Because if you are too menggebu-gebu, can damage all the 'good intention' is. You also need to know, actually making him the come to you first, not matter how complex! You only need to show is that the woman you love. Indicate that you're a simple, honest, polite, confident, and charming. All the general criteria is that a woman can make you put the tender together.

Indicate also if you hear a very enthusiastic when the story-told (even though the only stories that in fact less common interest). Well, if already here, the he can see that you was a nice talk, nyambung, and, making their desire nempel hold. Do not forget to always provide feedback, suggestions, advice, or input that is positive when he thou ask, or when he is asked about a problem you.

If during the time that you have included a 'taste' in selecting someone for so pacarmu, the start time this did not try to set the criteria too complex for a prospective girlfriend. We realize it or not, this actually is the ugly habits that made many men and women - especially if they feel that the social status began to climb. You need to apply a familiar nobody's perfect. Start to look in the mirror at yourself, and look carefully - you are not a perfect person, is not it?

So do not judge too much, let alone hold negative. Take a long time he is also resentful will see this kelakuanmu. Especially if he is to feel that being compared to-compare with other women, can-can in fact the one who you keep away.

In daily activities, can-can show you feeling like you, and the hope he will like you of course. Not then feel that you yourself have the authority to control and mengekangnya - especially to mengikatnya. Nevertheless, women have the same freedom as men in beraktivitas or interact with friends.

You must be able to read situations. Do not hinder geraknya and narrow space. Do not always be in the neighborhood in any opportunity. Do not leave the thinking to him as though all such activities that are eyes-matai or should be done with the izinmu. Do not be so! If you so, he is thinking akan akan so what if you later himself girlfriend so? Similar or fugitive criminals who watched her every time?

Instead he made the cut-nebak where you are now, what are you doing, and with whom you are now. By the way he was-was akan, worry, fear, mixed with over the long-hadiranmu this.

However, when he is distress or there is a problem, show that all souls are willing to listen and give feedback in order to finish the problem quickly. Indicate also if you hear very enthusiastic when telling stories, and respond with positive feedback, brilliant, without menggurui impression. Not the most important in-cuekin aja!

Smile. Not a secret anymore that the smile is a powerful weapon for menebar enchantment. Experts also recommend a lot of smile for you self-reflection so that people can think that your thoughts have a positive and stable.

Well, if you include the cheap smile, do not hesitate to transmit your habits on the him. How easy, when you are in tandem, make some joke or other activities that can make them react positively - for example making them smile and laugh.

Never you hard in front of the head. Give him space to express himself. Give it room to makes you smile. Nor the only one who made you smile, it's good if you also close to the companions and their families. Moreover, if you can make them like keberadaanmu between them. Deh believe, if 4 out of 5 women prefer a boyfriend who has a taste of high humor.

Do not forget to strive to be the best for him. But do not impose ago you yourself to do things that positively can not you do. Just do the best you can, and, be yourself - then everything will run smoothly.

Do not forget to consider appearance. You do know, that looks neat and clean (especially fragrant) tune is a woman? Try also to keep nafasmu that remain fresh, because of the possible unconscious when he accidentally kissed smell 'trash' out of your mouth!

If you are an aggressive, try to keep a little desire to expedite action in advance, such as calling 5-10 times a day, send an SMS as much as 90-100 times a day that the content-the content is too out of love and sweet talk bullshit. Instead, make that call yourself rarely, rarely to email, rarely meet, or ber-SMS ria. That will continue to make him the glamor in the eyes, not boring, and that, to make the weight upon him nostalgic.

One more thing, do not always obey the desires. Try to keep a little with Image always appear cool in front of it (although you have no actual proof to see that funny face when merayumu). That way he will add the same geregetan you.

Make yourself semisterius possible. women actually like things that smell mystery. That way they can to get a cintamu. I believe? Try it and you rarely nongol rarely nelepon. He certainly confused look you. Now, with the curiosity of you will grow, and he will find a way to know yourself more.

Do not you also be quasi-familiar with him! Because if you are too familiar, he will feel the comfort of a different adjacent with each. He did not want a day of friendship, so this smithereens because of feelings of love. That way he will choose you as a friend rather than as lovers. Wah?
Congratulations chase each are ya?