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Understanding women's character lip biter

Bite lip down, membasahinya, or slightly memanyunkan lips, the women made frequent. But, do you understand its meaning, other than the feel gemas and inflame with style. Well, now, Learn the secret and, so, taklukkan!

Behavior like this is a frequent mouth once done by some women. But it's good you start to notice the behavior of this one, especially if he is a drill that you love to do so. Next we let this secret personality and behavior the women who love to nibble-nibble lips. Do not say who, yes?

If in between the chat with you, and suddenly it with accents disconcerted him bite the lower lip as if being geregetan, or removing the mouth and suck in the wet, that means he is a tempter who daredevil. Very brave! There is no doubt the least sense of shame and to attract attention and tempt you. They do not fear fear-bite lips in public many times, besides, they also advanced to show various expressions face to get attention-talking opponents.

This type of woman who "summer", it's easy to flame. But, the difficult subject of women, because he was also victor male type. But, if you are able to make him feel "terabaikan", including all the tricks with the mouth that bites, he may akan terjerat. The well, women have this passion and total submission. So, it is not useless if you just have to endure them?

Or, when the he would like to apologize or ask for your help, with the accompanied gaze polosnya, he is bound to bite lips to get attention and sympathy that more than you. Note the course. With that bite, he looked once ketidaberdayaan.

This type of woman-conscious, nervous, and rikuhan. Women are also auxiliary types and not tegaan. Cuma, wataknya frequent weak and not faithful. Moreover, if the woman is aware "kepolosannya" fishing the bowels, and will be able to utilize. Therefore, women face this type, must attach "padlock" death, the key!

There is also the type of women who continue to frequent wet lips, exactly the snakes hiss. Hat-hearted, although the type of woman is very sexy, but there is subtlety in his heart. Tempered, unstable, not confident, and jealousy. Menghaki character in the thick of this type of woman. Indeed, this passionate woman cenderunt and easy take pride. But, the psychological side is very tiring kekanakan frequent.

Finally, the woman is the tip of the lips while mengigit flag, with red faces. Even, sometimes, without anything even frequent bite the tip of the lips, ap [alagi if you're thinking. Different expression on his face sometimes also make you smile. Therefore, women like this do not fear or hesitate to submit kekagumannya to you. But, if he is annoyed and angry, not half-hearted, rant can out of the mouth. And if that happens, diamkan only for 1 to 2 days. By the way he will understand if you do not like and do not menolerir attitudes and behavior like that.

So if you're like a woman like this, do not be afraid and hesitate to menggodanya. Luluhkan heart is the seducer. How easy course, a wine kulum, and move into the mouth when you menciumnya. Wipe and then grapple sensitive parts of the body - of course with style and erotic dopingi. Pasti akan him the roll of less than sedetik!
But remember, do it on your girlfriend, and not bite the lips in the street, because the reaction was, certainly, will be different. (A Aulia Muhammad)