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Gigitan night Sensual who make a hardy

imageSensual bites on sensitive body zones pair will make it more inflammable. Before mempraktikkannya, first read the following article.

The first thing you should note is; bite make sure you do not too strong, so that the pair still feel comfortable and enjoy ransangan you provide. Once confident with the technique bites, start kiss, fondle, hug, and talk "dirty" behavior.

Next guide, a site that discusses the special men's health, to provide some tipsnya for you:

Cervix and thigh
If action is sensual bite stuff for you, start at the hind-neck. For most women, this zone has a high sensitivity is high enough. He was certainly very happy if you ciumi this area.

In the thigh should not you provide it to ignore the stimulus klitoral. If you really want to control the keliarannya, do not ask for waiting. Nip round the side in pahanya until he lost control.

In part
The next zone you can not ignore is the breast, back back, waist, and bokongnya.

Soft bite
Drag your teeth with a soft pass shoulder, thigh, and pinggulnya, or in any body part that he was feeling comfortable.

If he does not moan in pain, but do proceed with the tender. Note the expression of face to know what he feels with the action you lancarkan.

Rapid movement
Secret to prevent the pain that may be felt for a couple bites sensual action is to ensure your fast action. The longer you menggigitnya, he will feel the pain.

Ideally, the sensual delights bites will not take more than a few seconds, unless he asks for your more intense action. You also do not want to spend much time in one area. Possible, thus menyakitkannya bite you!

Want to try soon? First patient, there are some rules that you should not Langgar.

Do not be a target
No matter how much pleasure he felt, sensual bite at any place it will make it turn off. In other words, do not bite the first body part you see, it seems the area is one area that we have not discussed previously.

In a place that not only will make it right to end the fear of sex story you this evening. Parahnya, at any time until he will not want to be bitten. Remember, we want to make delicious twist, not suffering.

Do not be noisy
He may be like when you throw action craze, but it does not mean he wanted to suck up your voice and breathe with the saliva. No matter how skilled you snap his neck, when your saliva will there, be it is the end of the story make you ini.