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5 The most Women's doghouse

imageMany men feel out what the most desired partner in bed. But the fact is, things that are considered fun by men, not always perceived by the same woman. Among the few mistakes that men make women are not comfortable:

Blow Miss V
Many women complain that they do not like the pair blow their genital area, men think blow vagina area during sex akan related increase excitement, when, it is a big mistake! Blow female private area is not a comfortable thing, even some women feel jengah with this behavior.

If you want to make a couple happy and comfortable, try encourage other areas, such as a foot or armpit. When you really want to try new things, first ask for the willingness pair.

Another thing is that the women are men, when asked, "if you reach climax?"

A woman may know whether the man was reaching climax or not only with the view ekspresinya. Why do not you try to do the same?

Orgasme woman to reach the experience is very different than men. A woman must submit themselves completely, focus, to achieving full orgasme. Questions menginterupsi time that he was concentrating, not only will make them comfortable.

Force oral sex
Men love oral sex, they like the submissive position (position wieldy) where a woman perform oral sex. Never even force your partner to do oral sex, because only about 0.5% of the population of women who like it.

Another bad habit that a woman is possible to leave condoms in touch after the former, have a condom wrapper that you can use it again to conceal and remove them.

Condoms should be used immediately discarded after use, not things that are not? In addition to also show respect to your partner and yourself. Show subtle behavioral and hide your sexual activity from the bad people.

Less total
Akan make the jar if you and your partner equally naked, melepasakan themselves in total. So, make sure you really do not leave anything in the body, although only a pair of socks.