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Sensitive Area in the Women's

imageMost men think women only sensitive area around the intimate organs and breast. In fact, women have a lot of sensitive organs start to the tip of the toe hair. What? Andreas Lee Tan in Arts Enjoying Sex book, provides information on 10 female body part that has a vulnerable point touch.

Use the tip of the finger and middle finger to stroke your temple. Then, use the hands to play him the hair before you use the tip of the finger to his head memijit. Perform slowly.

Rebahkan head in your lap while doing the massage to see him relax and give a reaction apresiatif.

No problem to use your hands or mouth, most women happy when you stroke, kiss, and mengecup the area around the neck. By exploring the area, couples are guaranteed to enjoy the sensation of silent extraordinary.

When you start the foreplay, try to do the best. Do not just mengecup skin, but slowly smack all the hair to the back hand embrace the waist.

When the pair put on your clothes section berbusana or not at all, lebarkan legs and spend some time to enjoy the outside and in the thigh with the hands and lips. Keep away but to get to the organ vitalnya. Smack between the labia and external finish to the top of the thigh with a tongue.

Back of the knee
When the pair supine, lift the legs, rest your body in the back and start lututnya. Kiss slowly, and smack-land area.

Hold hands with the line of sight and use the second finger to touch the hands with the soft. Try to guess the whole hand. Place the middle finger in your mouth and kulum slowly and ask him the same.

Hold hands with the palm facing, and use the fingertips to the wrist. Stroke after a few minutes, use the lips, teeth, and tongue to snatch and mengecup slowly in the pergelangannya.

So you are sensitive to the ear area. Bisikkan something sepertu "this night is yours" and leave the ear in front of your mouth. Smack the top of the ear, nibble slowly. Wow!

Hug your waist with both hands and when hirup aromanya nose close to your stomach. Then the smell from the tip of the stomach to the other end. With a sudden movement, then lick you leave.

No matter the make or you start foreplay, place the feet in the circle and touch your shoulder region. To make him the exuberant, with a caress of the hands and smell from one side to the other.

Finger pair akan feet apart to give pleasure. Give a massage oil or cream in your hand, oleskan together and start to feel menghangatkannya sole. Slowly increased to thumb and then to the heel area.