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Pesta Sex smth

The story begins when I have an appointment with friends named Irfan (fictitious) to discuss an organization. Agreed upon a place that is easily obtained, namely S café located in a plaza in the city of S. Plan meeting specified 2 hour lunch, meaning that after we finished each course.

Previous readers need to know, my name Sakti, according to the name, somehow in every level of education, I am always active and always organized occupy top positions in organizations that kuikuti, from the OSIS SMP, OSIS SMA, youth and social organizations (the name does not need to kusebutkan ), to intra-organizational and extra-campus, the head of the Association, the Senate and others. Kegiatanku increases with semaraknya demonstration in the reform period, to have when I became a target intai the intelligence and military police. When I am not including a special form, wajahku ordinary course, the skin is not white mulus (likely dark brown), the body of mediocrity (170 cm), so that I may infer that because otakku clear, clever berorasi / speech, sociable (although not gaul).

Back to the story before, then that afternoon I immediately go to the plaza, still germane at 1 through 15 minutes, kumanfaatkan time remaining to the streets and see the goods displayed in the window. Occasionally I glance every beautiful woman there is an interesting perhatianku. Up to 2 or less at 5 minutes, I immediately take place in the café that S intentionally table for two seats because only me and my friends will be met. Student name, then I order the light-light course, cofee cup of java, so the menu is written in hot cofee, although it's still more tasty home-made coffee in the kost.

Okay, I waited five minutes and the coffee has not come yet, my pager to beep (able to take informed new pager, and it's important for me as an activist). Actually I am lazy to read the message, but because there is no kulakukan than waiting, then kubaca only the new incoming messages before, and in fact add kekecewaanku today. Day off batinku, Irfan apologize if the meeting was canceled because he had to find a lecturer, and I understand the matters to which one is, of course can not be undone.

Without kusadari, from the earlier movement-gerikku kept by two women sitting two tables from terpaut place, and they can see for free, while I am busy with my pager and a coffee and just came too late to cancel, then kuputuskan to spend first and immediate return to kost-ku.

This new kuketahui when suddenly one of the women are already in the hadapanku and said, "While waiting for a friend Mas?"
Words cliche to start talking (batinku), "Yes, and some own?"
"Oh I'm just resting, out shopping, sorry, how many hours ya Mas .. soalnya day I die, not forget to change the battery, where ya at the plaza this service hours .. "
"Wah Mbak certainly not the people of this town ya .. plaza because this is certainly the most complete in the city of S, what is here, including mmhh .. (I was talking like a woman, the usual style of speak frankly, but rush kupotong because he asked with honest) "
"Oh yes .. Anggi sorry my name, and that my friend Rina, "said the woman while megulurkan hands.
"Yes I am coming from B earlier and planned to stay in the city of S for 3 days, while waiting for the event tonight, I sempatkan shopping plaza in this, because it close to my hotel, just walking it."
"Sakti, and at this time is at 2:30."

Apparently this brief conversation that lasted 15 minutes, remarkably, for an introduction oldest, probably because I am not too vibrant or something else. Mmmhh .. yes, something else that may be too pikiranku play. His famous otakku thin, so easy to catch things quickly and I am aware that during the new beraktivitas I forgot one important thing in life, women. And now he comes in with full hadapanku enchantment. The result of the calculation (like mathematics), I can quickly make a conclusion that kuyakini truth. Beautiful, sweet, aged 25-30 years, a balanced body shape, approximately 160-165 cm, and .. gosh I have the experience to measure more than that, I play with lamunanku, waist and payudaranya unbelievable.

Enough within an hour just to make the discussion with Anggi (Rina while only occasionally menimpali) so while we take just one table, and I am willing to move to their table. Which means that one day (so I forgot my task and Irfan). Anggi a secretary is a private company in the city of B and Rina is assistant Anggi. I do not care who they are, which is clearly both very glamor.

"Let me bring some Anggi goods shopping."
"Oh thank you .. serepot not need it, "(I understand a glimpse, because it looks a little what the spend, the needs of women).
"Here's just, what if you join us, as I have in the café voucher D hotel where I stayed, so we can take advantage of the voucher, and we continue the discussion, you may be many stories about the city of S is, how?"
"But I do not take the car, some students understand .."
"Lho kok near our hotel, just a walking course, I want to do."
I have not replied, but the foot is already a hurry to approve usulannya step. We were walking toward the hotel where they stayed. Sesampainya at the hotel.

"You used to wait, I want to change clothes first, Rin .. What tuh Sakti given chocolate before we buy. "
Immediately release any Anggi clothes before we both (me and Rina).
"Mbak .. ih kan have Mas Sakti, nyelonong kok gitu aja sih .. "
"Mmmhh, should I just wait outside Mbak, Rina correct words .." I invert the body, and indeed there is no room except for bathroom divider.
"Lho emangnya life is?"
"Some 25 years .."
"It is mature enough for you, whether you have never see before?"
"You are lucky, kupikir this is the first time for you."
"OK, give me one minute to decide what you want to see or wait outside."

One minute, half a minute I have to reverse course and see some of the Anggi bra and panties only.
"My God .. a beautiful woman was standing in hadapanku .. "
"Thank you Lord, have memperlihatkanku body beautiful woman in hadapanku, this is the first in myself."
"Let's start a game."
"OK Sakti, we have a game that fascinate."
Then I could not refuse because once again see the body. Rina only bengong aja. Then immediately the first private lessons in my life.
"Try to touch susuku .." and I am under, dituntunnya hand payudaranya a spongy feel, at that time I have to know how the size of breast Anggi, later (after advanced) know when a new 34B.

Kukumpulkan courage to start to enjoy the second Anggi breast with both hands. Slowly but surely kujelajahi second twin hills that for the first time, kudapati without a struggle that means. The older I permainkan with one double kucubit putingnya a prominent challenge, mengalunlah voice breathless, "oohh .. Saakk .. ohhkh .. prankish you .. "sound and that, yes .. voice is raised kemaluanku quickly stood upright and damn! Anggi realize that without permission, and lower my pants Jeans dibukanya and some CD-ku. "Wow .. Sak, you have already requested the immediate treatment tuh .. compassionate 25 year dianggurin aja, woowww .. burungmu big head right .. I can not log in? Ohhkh .. yes, continue Saktii .. "Jujur actual burungku not only special, about 14 cm long course, only his head and large diameternya lumayan. I was also unsure what can be satisfying, pertamaku understand this experience and the size that is not special burungku add less confidence.

But with a sprightly Anggi melumat out kemaluanku, I am surprised that not a half-dead main nikmatnya, hold and continue until you reach the maximum vertical and violence. I do not have to memuncratkan spermaku strong and true, for the first time spermaku spurt at the mouth of a woman, and out diminumnya such as a glass of wine. I realize if Rina's attention before the game, both of us.

Not until 5 minutes later kemaluanku stand up again and have now entered the burrow dituntunnya burungku genitalia Anggi that have been the wet, this makes it easier to browse tugasku hole is pleasure. Indeed in this game I actually taught by Anggi, so quickly and I already started initiatives to compensate for the game Anggi. Syukurlah although the first time, I was able to endure a half-hour scrub kemaluanku rubbing holes in the genitalia Anggi endless with all the positions and variations Anggi teach.

How many times have somehow kusaksikan Anggi convulse (I know not if it orgasme), but it looks increasingly Anggi and spirit without kusadari game has lasted 1.5 hours, so Anggi commented, "Sakti, dozens of times I have relations with different men .. but new this time I can orgasme more than five times and you are very strong stand. Oke deh I nyerah, please remove it immediately spermamu, I can die because of enervation orgasme repeatedly. "Then in the next half hour I menghayati the permainanku and not the speed but the kocokanku Intent with a stem kemaluanku to Anggi hole, and he is enjoying. Finally arrived at the kutunggu, muncratlah spermaku for the second time in the hole Anggi genitalia.

Total playing our 3 hours and that is enough time for Rina to understand our game. So dituntunlah by Rina Anggi to enjoy myself, once again not 5 minutes until the stem kemaluanku is burly, and not difficult to start a game with Rina, because he has affected our games with. This is evidenced by the hole kemaluannya tarnish. One of the sets Rina Anggi, when trying to enter the stem kemaluanku hole Rina genitalia, extreme difficulty and later kusadari if Rina was still virgin. I feel guilty maidenhead Rina has been damage, but why he does not reject the beginning? "I inflame already great, and I also want to experience this pleasure," answered the brief with the perspiration streaming, this game does not take long to make such as when Anggi, just 2 hours. So our total games 5 hours. I will go home farewell, it appeared that they prohibit, be smth we sleep in the hotel seranjang in the nude.

Before separation in the morning, we had time to make again, but this time I dikeroyok by both of them, and I am already familiar with the art of love this, so it does not directly enter the hole to stem kemaluanku their genitalia, but with each other and stimulate through sycophancy in osculation burrow their genitalia. The result can be, if we take a night game 5 minutes, this time lasted 7 hours non-stop either how many times they orgasme, I always clear that alternate from one hole to another hole, and I just spent 4 times cum, each one in the mouth Anggi and Rina, once in the hole Anggi femininity and Rina.

Thus the reader, since that event, every time or Rina Anggi to Kotaku, we always make, and they also introduced me to other women who also need sex satisfaction, from executives to young mothers or career women who are reluctant him. They serve that I had around 23 years to 42 years.

At this time I have moved to the capital city with a sizable office work as a general manager but hobiku the one that can not be kulupakan and want to do it again, but how? Search only prostitutes? No way! S in the city if I can get it without having to find, certainly in the capital city this will be more.

To the readers (especially women) who want to come please send an e-mail me, I deliberately use an address with the name of a woman, because I want to remember the name, he is the most special woman in melayaniku. Akan kuceritakan a while, how permainanku with Dwilina. Now I want to play with the women from the capital city ini.