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Graduate Sex Stories - Multi Orgasme for human

Sex Stories - Multi Orgasme. I was an officer in one of the private companies in Jakarta, the age of 32 years, height 170 cm my weight 60 kg, the ideal postures and balanced he said, not obese, not thin, is sufficient, pure white and quite healthy, and my introduction to the Indah so beautiful, spectacular and sexy.

Thank you to make friends on the email, and replied at once with a merespose and email friends and that so many expect diteruskannya me this story, especially how our sex games, so you can feel Indah multi orgasme.

So to connect the story more, I had to cite a few back stories, such as in my previous title above, with the addition of a more focused story.


After sitting and Indah kamipun break open the conversation, Indah so friendly and smart to make the words so that the atmosphere and chat become perfect, and akrap, this is the part that was most important for our work in the sex games perfect for creating multi orgasme, as conversation and an introduction one another can provide the encouragement of good sex.

Disillusionment with her husband that he can provide warmth less influenced the lack of communication problems, lack of transparency, the husband and fatigue can cause not only sex harmonisnya a balanced relationship, because, on the other hand the wife of a thirst for warmth and touch of man, whoever he orangnya , which is important to give warmth.

The conversation continues, which is ultimately directed at the situation I am to create a calm atmosphere, and romantic, I turn on the radio with songs that soft, which can provide a peaceful atmosphere, and heartwarming, with a view to eliminate the burden of thinking that we might be at the both.

Finally, stimulus-excitative anpun Indah and I began to look mendongak holding birahi that is the higher, split lips look wet, and I do not hold kucium spontaneous and kulumat lips, appeared with the wild dibalas by Indah, lips and tongue, ignites us we suck each other, hand we find bergerilnya dots excitative, ciumanpun take a while, and then try to open my hand clothing dikenakannya, move my lips to the ear Indah, he cried.
"Aahh .. say .. tingling, tingling say "
But it does not hold kuhiraukan I hisap-hisap soft ears, and then shifted to the back of the ears that is one of the weaknesses Indah point, he was so inflame.

"Heemm say .. oaauu, tingling, tasty akkhh Truss .., .. oouu tingling say aaooww "
How tickled he complain, he said well, shirt open directly kulempar ketepi.
"Wooww you are really beautiful, Say"
Mulus white breast with a challenging a closed black BH, BH kuraba regard it, and wow kulepas mulus with two white payudaranya a challenging hill, my touch is already set putingnya and milk.
"Aahh .. aakhh "
He is due to inflame the ear and body putingnya I play the wild mengelinjang conveniences.
"Oouuhh say, teruss, enaak say."
Continue to complain and beautiful amenity membuatku to enjoy inflame the body, lips kupindahkan down down, my neck is white jilati smooth, smack me repeatedly until he was tickled, hold down kudapati putingnya down, and kuhisap soft, hard and soft again.
"Aahh .. ouuhh teruss say .. sayy nice. "
Putingnya appear to have more milk, and kujilati ku hisap stalk alternately right and left, like a thirsty baby, the more he menggelinjang wild body, and cried out, also on hand, my stomach smooth fash ketekan bit by bit between the navel and memeknya, teraba hard to grow and feather-fluff around it.

Kubuka celananya and kuploroti, hands Indah consecutive silent until I do not have difficulties to menelanjanginya.
Again, a perfect scene, I saw a small mound challenge is in Selah selangkangannya, enclosed CD black, grapple ku, ku ku jamah and Wipe selangkangannya, pahanya smooth smooth, he is the wild and soon kubuka CD hitamnya kuraba and was already wet, he so inflame and enjoy them very, long kumainkan itilnya, with jariku hard he cried, "Akkhh .. sayy enakk sayy "voice vibrates accompanied liarnya body contortion, contortion, jariku out into the wild memeknya kutekan soft.
"Aoo .. tasty .. ahh sayy, teruuss, aakkh ", he can hold.

Old kumainkan jariku in the press and smooth itilnya, how he mengeliat wild body, lips kulepas in putingnya ku papah directly to the mattress and he was beautiful to sit in the sink edge mattress, while I squat hisap itilnya, tongue play in the cavity length memeknya he melengguh
"Akkhh .. say .. well, I say I want to urinate akhh "
"Remove", jawabku because it is kutau akan orgasme that happen.
"Akkhh .. sayy out .. akk, enakk, pain .. akh .. ngelayang saayy I ngelayang .. akkhh "
Not completely he cried, body vibrates, kubiarkan he mengekpresikanya, how to play smooth tongue suck itilnya soft, supple, and he eventually sink body lying in the mattress, her body still convulse, but my tongue still Truss bergerilya the memeknya, soft suck itilnya, help him mengekpresikan gairahnya, so loose and drift.

Suddenly Indah rise and embrace direct menciumku.
"Thanks honey," once you smart.
"Yup say, what good?"
"Woow fantastik once, fly, fly I feel I 1:0 I give you the same."
While speaking directly Indah selangkanganku reach and capture the weapons andalanku, he appealed.
"Give me this Hon?".
Without waiting, he directly and drawers to open my CD, andalanku arms directly out to the spring, challenging. Beautiful eyes staring directly see objects dihadapannya, hold tight as if he was not willing to fly the birds and leaves.
"Fantastik honey, What you say, the length is correct, you almost touch the navel nih"
"He he he," I laughed.
"18 cm .. Hon, centi centi for you until the end of the Memek akan left senjataku this."
No more waiting time he directly squeeze smooth stroke, and mengocoknya senjataku.
"Ackkh .. honey .. well, how say .. akkh, "I gasp conveniences.
Hand while playing in payudaranya, kuremas smooth and soft kusentuh putingnya. Terbangkit even more beautiful gairahnya, senjataku then directed to the mouth, only half of the incoming senjataku dimulutnya, dihisap soft, rhythmic shuttle, senjataku entry in the mouth.

"What honey akkhh"
I feel that there is no pleasure tara, Indah was too smart to play in my arms.
"Akkhh nice .. tingling say .. trus say, "I ask.
Old senjataku him play, he eventually inflame weight, the effects of sounds that come out of the mouth, and touch-a touch of my hand on the dots rangsangannya, in the breast, ear, neck, and remasan-remasan touch my hair is fine.

Then he rose and delivered senjataku in his mouth, he whine and ask for the right to enter senjataku in memeknya that is eager to want to immediately diteMbak, akupun mengiyakan and ascend directly to the bed with a sitting position with feet successor, follow langkahku Indah and stand on the bed and stretch legs didepanku, memeknya exactly in front of face, he wanted to bend down, my ban direct, hands reach pahanya, kesentuh fine memeknya with feathering fine challenge.

"Akkhh .. Hon, itchy cepet do I enter "
I do not mind kuarahkan application directly to the mouth memeknya, kuhisap more soft itilnya he vibrates and
"Ahhkk gatall .. akkh trus .. Hon, enaakk "
Talking to vibrate, like pantatnya tottery Inul dancing, hands menjaMbak rambutku, insistently.
"Hemm .. hemm, "sounded more beautiful sound in the mouth, he was tickled and complain, play in the old tongue memeknya, hisap, bite, my tongue playing lap.
On the one when Indah cried, "Please honey .. nowww ..!, now go sayy "he cried continually ask for dicoblos immediately, but I just mengigit are soft, lick, and suck itilnya.
"You evil Ed ..!" Teriaknya again, and followed with water from melelehnya in memeknya, the more experienced Indah orgasme the second.
At the time orgasme, Indah weak legs, weak, and while menjaMbak rambutku body down, selangkangan with an open and direct memeknya a yawn I welcome the memeknya with senjataku.
"Aaooww" beautiful screaming fine, because senjataku directly into memeknya.
In situations orgasme, then ku bantu he entered with senjataku slowly, for the centi centi senjataku into memeknya already sopping, and kurasakan warm senjataku left in this long, Indah also rant conveniences.
"Hemm .. ackk .. Hon .. well, akkh ". He continues to cry like that, it's delicious.
5 centi, 10 centi and eventually enter senjataku swallowed whole memeknya.
IndaHPun and shouting, "Ahh Honey all I go, akk nice .. tasty, tasty, "like a child who is too excited to get candy kesukaanya.
While vibrant, rhythmic fluctuation body senjataku enjoy.
"Achh .. achh "Indah mouth can not keep quiet he cried conveniences.
"Achh .. tasty, tasty, I new this ngerasain Hon, enaakk .., enak bener penis you, well .. oh I see-through, enakk "
I also follow ekspresinya, he kubantu with whispering voices that mengairahkan.
"Hemm .. Is honey .. feel this pleasure, do kemauanmu, Truss .., it's up to you. "
Finally pantatnya up and down more quickly with the help sustain dipahanya hand, not long after, she cried harder, while great body vibrates, a sign he has reached climax again, tight body be embraced, genjotannya start moving slowly.
"Ackkhh .. Ed out again .., akkhh .. tasty. "
In fact memeknya touch received from senjataku make him so in order to enjoy centi centi he feels very.
Fleeting thought olehku so I wonder why I have also come out ejakulasi, this is the fact that I can survive, the pair want to feel so strong membuatku before.

Finally, we rest to recover stamina Indah, I fear he is too tired to enjoy after 3 times orgasme.