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Exercise can be a woman a man with a variety of ways. Women who have a good quality both in terms of physical and intellectual akan ditaklukkan more difficult than with a physical and spiritual-which is only normal. Since most men are basically like a quality guy and the number of women who have a good amount of quality is limited, so competition to get the ideal of love between men women is commonplace in the world of romance.

The following are the factors or the desirability of women / girls / women / women's from a man in general:

1. have the financial / money is good.
2. have a good physical appearance.
3. have a job and a bright future.
4. have the versatility / intellectual good.
5. have the ability to lead and build a good house.
6. have the attitude and behavior that commendable.
7. have thought of the same pattern, the vision and mission.
8. has a family background and life is good.
9. have contact or communication with a, etc..

To be sure things above not much is owned by a man in one package. Such men are didambakan by many women. Same with the men, women also hunt man who has the above criteria, and because of the limited amount of competition also continues to occur from time to time without stopping.

To get a heart and love for a girl or a widow who wanted the least jomblowan / Singles men must have things below:

1. Sincerity and seriousness of the heart that i love and love on the girl.
2. Faithful / faithfulness that can be shown.
3. Honest / honesty of heart and is not intrinsic theatricality.
4. Attitudes and behavior towards the good of others.
5. The future looks bright.
6. Communication with the fun of the women's target.

So not necessarily be a physical diunggulkan than the heart. Woman who was only pursuing the prestige of the men may be able disadarkan that money is not everything. Women who have not tersadar akan difficult to didekati. So if you include a hand to mouth or under the standard need to think back to subdue the woman.

Happiness is the key to a successful string of bright future. Indicate if you are a guy and have a serious attitude and behavior that is not many good men who have them. Create conditions and atmosphere of fun when the woman in touch with us so he is comfortable to foreverglo, chat Ngalor ngidul, dn others. Create communications that have come from the heart of terdalam, not contrived.

Positive happiness in the life of the world can be with:
- Quality of family Sakinah mawahdah warohmah
- Shalihah the wife and children of the righteous.
- Street life simple and not greedy property.
- Preferred and have many friends who are ready to help when difficulties.
- Have enough stock for the next life in akherat.
- Have high ideals and strive to achieve a healthy and well.
- A self, does not emote in front of other people.
- Hobby to help others and happy to see other people happy.

things that need to be dissociated when selecting a woman / women to support life:
- Only to see it without looking at the physical nature, attitude and behavior.
- Impetuous in taking important decisions.
- Select a guy that has a fault, such as greedy, matre, evil, cruel, and so on.
- Have a different religion for the future of a quiet and peaceful.
- Have the disease of birth and outside of the inner batar reasonable.
- The nature, which only shows the original theatrical malingering.
- Does not like a small child / baby.
- Fed does not want hard work and only rely on other people.
- Does not want to hear criticism, suggestions, feedback, comments alias selfish, obstinate.
- Emotions that have not controlled.
- Devout religion and want to set her husband.

Thus, women / women / girls / widows / women who are comfortable with our akan lazy to search for our next and it's up to you. Women do not like dibohongi and berlakulah as-is without contrived.