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of Adolescent Sex: The Free!

Durex condom manufacturer, London International Group Plc., In the 1999 survey had a perspective on teenage sex. In the words pengantarnya said, holding the important role young people because young people are most clear indicator, to know how the impact of sex education and culture of the family and the parents of the future in the era of the new Millennium.

Surveys were given the name of the 1999 Global Sex Survey, A Youth Perspective this, take the 4200 respondents aged 16-21 years from 14 countries, namely USA, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Taiwan, Italy, Greece, Mexico, Poland, Singapore, Republic of czech, Spain, and Thailand (Kompas, 16 October 1999).

Unfortunately, the survey does not include Indonesia as a youth respondents. However, at least, can be 'a little' taken the conclusion. Why? Because the survey is the matter of teenage sex, the more freely, even close to the wild. Among the survey results are: Overall, 50 percent of teenagers say they do sex the first time because their spouses and feel ready. Only 12 percent said because of or be forced, and 12 percent confess to more tightness in sex.

Although the results of this survey shows teenagers look very free, but they still have that fear Him. The fear of God and His Messenger? Wow, seems to fear such a list exists in their tuh! But they fear that the problems around HIV / AIDS, Sexual diseases (STDs) and pregnancy. That's it. In fact, almost all adolescents (99 percent) are aware of the danger STDs and HIV / AIDS. More than 45 percent of teenage son and daughter on the fear that HIV / AIDS and STDs than anything. Pregnancy is a secondary concern after HIV / AIDS and STDs for young people. As many as 32 young girls to fear pregnancy, and 18 percent fear a teenage son at the age of a young father. Oops, I gaswat bener gitu. Soalnya nggak that although the survey included adolescents in this country, but apparently perilakunya same. Here, sex is not as something more sacred and taboo, but it is commonplace and wild. Minatory Brur!

The survey also reveals about how adolescent-age youth in the countries surveyed is the first time to have sex. The result? Adolescents in Canada and the United States was ranked in the most young to have sex, that is, 15 years, followed by the UK age 15.3, age 15.6 Germany, and France at the age of 15.8 years. Adolescents in Southeast Asia tend to have more sex. Thailand teenagers begin sex at the age of 16.5 years, Taiwan and the age of 17 years. This may show the influence of social conditions and traditions of different cultures.

Viewing the facts about adolescent sexual behavior is more wild and free this of course we are all concerned. You may also shake one's head or head-shake one's head chest massage. However, care attitude you expressed is not simply shake one's head with the head-shake one's head atawa breast stroke only. That's not enough. What is the problem that needs to gede-even mandatory-completed correctly and properly. If not? Destruction of a living community of time only, Brur!

The Which

Brur, for you are not familiar with the lives of teenagers in big cities in certain potential 'shock'. Suer, they appeared a few more steps forward in sexual affairs. But unfortunately the damage in advance. Oops, just imagine, children and junior high school-yes, contemporary-ye-ye they like to deal with sex-sorry-not simply clasp or kiss, but it is more towards the 'suerrem' banget tuh. You certainly do know. Yes, so. Melt and at once.

Non, in an investigation conducted by the magazine's famous male teenagers in the capital-to the young people who hooked kelayaban night-night-in fact the data is quite astonish. For instance, some children have found that women with complete secondary goods that do not prevalent, ie, carry condoms and pregnancy test tool. Lho, kok children do take-take a condom? Pengakuannya According to the magazine's investigative team, the girls have these reasons: condoms are the main weapons that he will give to friends when kencannya friend kencannya trigger appetite but I'm not doi carry condoms. So to keep the alert said. Why? Soalnya takut pregnant! "What he (cowoknya) do I take a condom, which tekdung (pregnant, Red) kan gue. So, I get that ready, "said the girl was 17 years old. Oops, disorderly Rek!

In fact also mentioned in the results investigasinya, that not only do you get 'up man' it's just like a condom and take a pregnancy test tool. But according to the girls, almost all of his friends do the same thing as himself. Even then there are the goods as a shopping list rutinnya. Wow, wow, wow, the more severe aje nih.

And, the fact that this one will not make us think out. Why? For many young people also love making the capital in any place. I care about precisely when and where he is. Including the slashing ML aka have sex in a car in the toll road. Next Irvan recognition (not real name) is written as a magazine HAI: "know why, so incoming toll Ciawi suddenly aja pengen. Because I'm not strong pinggirin the car and I ngelakuinnya in, "said the girl was 17 years old. Emang nggak heran. Irvan started ngelakuin sex free since a year ago. Since then, he can also act in which aja. Often at home, on the road once, and I was in school (HAI No. 41/XXIV) is ridiculous!

See the symptom, of course the friends that you do before the road alone. Behind them are still many young people who do similar acts. Cuma aja nggak recorded. Like iceberg phenomenon. Small on the surface, but large in the bottom. Wow, when it's new adolescent misbehavior Jakarta, which has not been in Bandung, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Medan, Palembang and other big cities. Can be of course.

As is often discussed a lot of people, their behavior is revolting that I have a small risk. AIDS disease is ready to stake out, not to mention the threat of other STDs, and pregnancy is not desired may also increase the data. And that perpetrators will be the Fire.

Mirror cracked

Talk about the settlement of the efforts of teenage sexual behavior the more craze is not enough in the free seminars, writings, moral messages, and advice that is purely normative. Not only that, and it is not enough just with that. Why? Because conditions are more amburadul this is because the failure of the system set. Special problems of adolescent sexuality is, in fact when we browse through it is because the system life of the freedom of capitalism applied behave alias hurriyatusy syakhshiyah.

Each individual rights guaranteed by the state to do anything in accordance with the desires, the individual does not disrupt others. For example, intoxicated or want giting weight, I may have a usil and ngerecokin during the act did not cause other people interfere. If there is any investigation, but unfortunately it is done with half a heart and not known. Handle drug cases, the government only to confusion. Mainly reveals what The Big One-nya. Udah gitu, punishment for pengedar and light users. Can even be 'salam tempel'. Well, in the life of the system is governed by capitalism, it is not prohibited. Why? Again, because individual freedom is fully guaranteed by the state. Try you see in the rules that applied in the Criminal Code in this country-the fact 'nyontek' from the laws of his country Edwin Van Der Saar-found a potential ban adultery or mingle freely among men with women. That you will find are the same like when you like, then it is not included in the case of rape or perzinahan. Evidence? You also often hear certain localization prostitution problem. True right? Yes, the existence of the place soalnya nggak prohibited. Even deliberately built and protected by law. But exactly where is the nest-kemaksiatan especially prostitution. And, it's the same as free sex. Means of sin. Nah, that's him. Thus, the youth was also taught by a proper environment. In addition to the 'mental' in general, teenagers who are still not stable. That is, the nature and try to imitate the large-cobanya rather cautious attitude and the fear of sin. Add a severe Bo! Ah, gokil also true.

Thus means that, for this youth-since-I can be 'bercermin' in the mirror cracked. 'Mirror' life worse. I can understand, since you can ngomong, tells you about what you see in daily life, complete with the 'rules' that you have in the environment. Television is teaching things that do not correct. Of a society where you are to have any problems and provide problem that is not in accordance with the teachings of Islam. When you hold the school, in education institutions is enough to provide education that is not clear where the directions. Hence, you and all of us bercermin in a cracked mirror. Nah, the cracked mirror that is the system of life that we set for this. So, if you want to survivors in the world and the Hereafter, 'mirror' we could not cracked. Memangnya who have not cracked? I have pity. Where more than Islam. Yes, it's only Islam that can be a mirror in our lives. Of Islam as a faith that is applied and Syariat.

Sanctions imposed Weight

Ah, ketar-ketir also? Nah, because it is not enough to appeal or Call only, then the implementation of sanctions by the state should have. In Islam, the people who will do free sex penalized whipping (whip) or rajam.

Prophet ago said: ".... By the substance of soul is in His power, I will decide on the punishment to you berpandukan the book of God (al-Quran). One hundred goats and slaves must be returned before women and children must be punished as much as 100 times rattan stroke and exiled for one year. Now go to the wife of this person, Unais O! If he confessed, the jatuhkanlah punishment rajam to the top of it. "So Unais also come to meet the woman and he was admitted on the deeds. But according to the commands of the Prophet women itupun be punished rajam. (HR. Bukhari, Muslim, and Abu David)

So for a single akan dicambuk, and for those who already akan desist him to death. How do I kejadiannya well now, that I applied the rules of Islam. Means will pass the sentence in the world, anyone? Could be, but remember your brothers, in the Hereafter is potential perpetrators can not pass. Pasti akan 'enjoy' adzab God is very poignant. In some way (history) Samurah bin Jundab hadith mentioned in Shahih Bukhari, the Prophet Saw. He said: "I dreamed last night were two people. Then they took out, so I went with them, to arrive at a building that resembles a fire hearth, the top section beneath semoit and knowledgeable. IN switched under fire. In the fireplace there is people (consisting of) men and women naked. If a fire start, then they rose to the top until they are nearly out. If the fire be quenched, they go back into the oven. I ask: 'Who are they?' They replied: 'They are the people who fornicate. "IH, naudzubillahi min dzalik.

Nah, that is the punishment in the Hereafter, which will be later by the unchaste. So, I now have friends that you feel safe-safe because it was a penalty in the world can-not apply because the rule of Islam-ready-prepared because God will give adzab a pedi and weight. Firman Allah SWT.:

كلما أرادوا أن يخرجوا منها من غم أعيدوا فيها وذوقوا عذاب الحريق

"Every time they want out of hell because they are suffering, they returned to it. (To them it is said): 'Taste the punishment of burning this ". (QS. al-Hajj [22]: 22)

Well, this is the punishment in the world and the Hereafter adzab for the perpetrators of adultery-free sex. Then, for those who keep themselves from these acts? Allah akan pahal and provide a good place in heaven.

Abu Hurairah and Ibn Abbas r.a. said: "He Saw. berkhutbah before his death, which of them he said: "Whoever is able to copulate with women or girls are forbidden, and he is leaving because fear Allah, then Allah guard on the day of the great fear (of Resurrection), diharamkannya go to hell and move in Paradise. "(Ibn Qayyim al-Jauziyyah, Raudhah al Nuzhah-Muhibbin wa al-Musytaqin).

Well, so kendalikan nafsumu friend! []