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The Adolescent love

assalaamu'alaikum wr. wb.

One of the objectives of the current viewfinder sinetron is now teenagers. If the first name that is synonymous with sinetron mothers or even domestic workers, the youth age ABG now they made the 'victim'. Sinetron mushroom now that the background is the story of a romance that he is still human adolescents; still high school, and there is also a junior.

Not only sinetron. Problems young people are mourning not have completely exploited by the industry giant. Valentine made place to sell out of merchandise, with the main target is young people. Most of the victims who Britney Spears? Only are young people. Who felt the impact of pornography merebaknya result? Young people also appeared. So we can easily conclude that a teenager in this era is now runyamnya ask forgiveness!

The problem (I), only one: young people often do not have the grip. On the one hand, he just go from the age of a child, where at times he uses only one logic, that is impersonating. On the other hand, he also began exploring a new life for adults with a choice of full and open access-access that previously could not be opened. Repotnya again, at this age also show a desire to rebel, either on the parents, teachers, or the framework of traditional values and religion. Unless the rules of Allah SWT, everything is allowed dikritisi. But if all must be? This is one of the biggest temptations experienced by every human being when the tread-age teenagers.

Finally, instead of doing something beneficial for themselves, young people would often mencederai own interests. Because of sorts on the parents who always told to study (for example, with a ranking of the target, told the children learn bimbel plus private study at home), he would 'respond' in schools, for example, penetrated, and various other mischief. In fact very few teenagers who actually prankish. Most only anger, confusion and how to channel anger.

The principle of 'be different', the youth would 'appear uniform. When I grade 2-3 junior high school first, school students are crazy shoes' Doc Mart '. Now, the average stocking feet high, such as soccer players, and long clothes seragamnya to fit in the waist. Previously, the people roll mengkeritingkan hair. Now, that also want to curl straight hair. If the first body and solidity to an-Macho-time students is the pride, now they may even appear sekurus, with the odd hair styles mimic Good Charlotte punk band and such. They claim to want to be different, but in the eyes of others, they are not at all berkarakter. This is the 'remnant' logic that mimics the life of their childhood.

At this age people tend to do well the things akan disesalinya then. The problem is, they do not do this with the right intention. Err is normal for anyone, but sometimes a teenager to do something wrong to understand that, but he does not have the ability to reject it. Sometimes they do it for attention, sometimes only for retaliation, even though nearly always wrong target.

In principle, young people often feel lonely. They feel their parents do not understand the situation itself (and if want honest, parents often forget the condition of the soul with the youth), especially their teachers. Then they turned on sebayanya friends and the people they idolakan. If friends smoke, so they are tempted to smoke. If the artist worship Hollywood heart uphold free sex, the intimacy is no longer taboo in the eyes.

It is an irony that is not terperi when I realized that young people always want to understand, but they often do not understand themselves. They seek out the identity of his' exit ', but they should sit down and look for' in '. They see the identity of others and try to implement the logic yourself with trial and error which is very sad. In fact sunnatullaah valid until whenever: people do not respect a Copycat! You can easily appear cool, but respected the other's affairs.

Back on the issues of love, especially love teenagers.

Young people often do not realize the situation itself is still very unstable and very influenced by the personal ego. Conditions so that this condition is not the most ideal for working in the mourning. That is, although sinetron-sinetron describe it, but the drama romance experienced by young people more often fall in the middle of the road continues to the end of the good.

If the talk of love, which often appear in the conference is the greeting-greeting, such as:

* "You ngertiin why I'm not ..."
* "I want to ..."
* ".... That can make me. "

Words that I can easily bold indicate the intervention of the ego in a high enough degree. Once again, this is a poison in the affairs of love-love. Unfortunately, many do not realize.

For a Muslim, not a life for themselves. Do not talk if love is still thinking about yourself, and do not ngomong if you do not want to preface pair. Thus, if you want to talk, then a teenager must be willing to release the first logic and child-kanaknya step further with adult logic. And to become adults, of course, takes time.

Hargailah time.

wassalaamu'alaikum wr.