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9 First Night Myths

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Myth Konseling.Net First Night, Night of the first pair is a couple nights a stir. Moreover, if the marriage through perjodohan and not through the stage together. Some young couples confess bumbling and timid in their first night.

But for other couples, that bermesraan difficult in the first night because of exhaustion after the wedding. Some couples claim to live without sleeping bermesraan the withdrawal in the couple's first night.

Below, are some myths first night of many circulating in the community:

Myth 1: Always painful.
This presumption is wrong. First have sex is not always painful. Many women's concerns in the first night vagina is worried they can not accommodate a large penis when ereksi.

Pain usually occurs when the deal because of the sexual woman is not ready and vagina are still too tight to accept penetration. The best solution is to do foreplay first woman to be so rileks and teransang vagina so that more can receive a penetration.

2. Myth: determines success.
First Night is considered a success determines have sex in the next night. Often the failure of the first night will cause consternation in the night next to fail.

Ejakulasi early or pain on the woman will be in the next night. Bad experience in the first night that influence feelings of time will do more hubunga sex but not the first night determines the success of sex in the next night.

3. Myth: Early Ejakulasi always occur at First Night.
Ejakulasi early sexual problems is the man who does not always happen in the first night. Ejakulasi early passion happens if sex is too high and difficult in control.

Some people thought that the early ejakulasi common in the first night the first night but not the cause of the occurrence of early ejakulasi.

4. Myth: Sehebat blue film scenes.
Many people who thought that the deal in the first night akan sehebat scene in the porno film. This presumption is wrong.

Even the scene is not recommended as a reference movie porn sex of success, because the film is not going runut and many cutting-cutting image.

5. Myths: Penis big, happy wife.
Many people thought that the size affect the satisfaction of the wife. Husband and not a little worry in the first night when I saw the size of a small penisnya.

Fact: In essence it can not satisfy pair. Instead, violence penis itself. When the penis is not large but could do with good sex, it is not impossible ejakulasi early going.

6. Myth: Always delicious.
Many people assume that sex is so delicious when the first night will be passed with a happy feeling.

Mentioned the fact, not a few couples who feel frustrated in their first night. The beauty of sex because they think the sexuality of pahaman correctly.

7. Myth: Blood virgin.
Virgin blood, is the wait-awaited many men in their first night. When the wife does not remove the blood is not considered to be virgin anymore. This myth is very misleading. Virginity is not related to the blood out. This myth is making many women become concerned about the first night. they do not remove the fear and the fear of blood is considered not virgin anymore.

8. Myth: You can rip hymen is a sign of success.
Not necessarily hymen can be torn at first. According to Nugroho, hymen would tear at night is the first sign of failure of a sexual response in the wife. That is, the wife has not actually inflame perfect time penetration occurs.

9. Myth: It should be drinking tonic
Medicines and ingredients to enhance sexuality is not recommended if not required. If on the first night, my husband is using drugs then this can be ascertained if he was not psychologically ready to have sex on the first night, http://www.Konseling.Net