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Why do we close our eyes when sleeping?
when we cry? when we imagine?
this beautiful world, because it is not visible.

When we find seseoraaang the keunikanya line with us, we join with them and fall into a similar oddity called the most love.

There are things that we do not want to release, someone who does not want us to leave. But let's not mean the world, but the beginning of a new life.

Happiness to those who cry, those who tersakiti, and those who have the search, and those who try. Because they can appreciate how important the person who has touched their lives.

Love actually is when you menitikan tears and still care terhadapnya him when he is not mempedulikanmu and you are still waiting faithfully.

When love is not met, free yourself, let your heart back again kealam free. People are not happy that they always get keinginanya but they are still rise when they fall, somehow in the way of life, you learn a lot about yourself and realize that there should be no remorse, cintamu akan dihatinya remain, as the top options life that you have created.

Love is not how you forget when he was a mistake, but how you memaafkan.Bukanlah how you listen but how you understand, not what you see but what you feel, not how you deliver, but how to survive.

Unfortunately in love, we care very rarely, but when love is sincere, mesipun you acuhkan, still noble love, and you should be happy, your heart can love someone that you care about.

Perhaps akan was time to stop you must love someone, not because the people that we love to stop but because we realize that people will be more happy when we melepaskanya.

But even if you truly love someone, do not release him if he does not membalasmu, the goods time he hesitated and mencari.Jangan release means to believe that you are loved without a reply.
Why not fight for cintamu?
perhaps that is the love sejatimu.

Sometimes the most mencintaimu are people who never expressed love you, you turn away for fear and distance. And when he went in a moment, you will realize it is the love that you do not know.

So why do not you reveal cintamu, if you mencintainya, even if you do not know whether there is also love him.