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sweat Generate Birahi Women


INILAH.COM, Jakarta - Perhaps there is among you who always ask couples bath before make. But apparently not all women want to pair a bath before the 'battle', because men can smell sweat sexually excite women.

Chemical compound in male sweat can terbukti excite lust and sexual women. Therefore the results of research conducted in the U.S..

"Proven├žal that female hormone level change after the scent compound in male sweat," said Claire Wyart, chairman of researchers from the University of California, Barkeley, USA.

The researchers claim these findings are the first evidence showing that human odor issue that may affect the activities of organs opponent type. Research conducted 48 years ago involving the student, each vial contains the requested smell androstadienone, a compound in male sweat, as many as 20 times.

The researchers measure ago kadar hormone kortisol on each woman's body and compare them with the hormone level of women who do not do this.

The result shows the degree kortisol hormone in the body of the woman who kissed compound that experienced an increase in the first 15 minutes and stand for almost an hour. Kortisol hormone is a hormone that had a role in managing stress.

They also found the fact that blood pressure, heart tap, and the breath of women who kiss' sweat men 'of improvement. The woman was also seen more enthusiastic and showed a high sexual appetite. However, it is not yet known whether these changes make the perempuaun become 'wild'.

Nah, you do not want to try it out with the bath one day? Origin of the smell your body does not sangit, may not be a problem. [L1]