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Women's Night story, I try to write the connection, this story made me really connect. So, please enjoy!. Cloak rain come Dea hotel called Mas Guntur, adequate class hotel located in a corner of this equatorial city. The heavy rain. Once again the girls vituperate, "Rain useless!". While dragging steps he berguman, "When I can I buy a car." In the lobby for the Hotel Mas Guntur basa casserole with a highly topical "Rain yah!". "Where guests?", Without the musty basa Dea direct to the point. "Sabar dulu dong Dea, do not shoot so straight game, there should first be discussed." Ah .. remember Dea new "brokers birahi" this must be a percent. "Ya want to have the Mas?". "Biasa aja kok, two hundred," said Guntur while point fingers. "Dammit", in the heart objurgation Dea. "The cave is exhausted, loe kebagian also hit." Symbiosis forbidden itupun occur. Despite almost two-semester Dea pemuas so passionately om om have a pocket-toh thick Dea can not find the "client" itself. For that matter this one science kehumasan Mas Guntur far more steady. Nearly nine o'clock tonight, have not come si om. Dea decided to wait on the corner of the Hotel Cafe while enjoying the warm orange juice. Yes only warm orange juice, not to drink alcohol heavily. The reason, in the only remaining pocket money dea eleven thousand rupiah. That left two hundred thousand for Mas Guntur earlier. That's also the reason Dea really need the money tonight. Hopefully si om pay more than the usual fare. "Selamat Malam!, Dea right?", Voice of the already known Dea Dea create extraordinary upset. "Om !!!!????"