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Spot Rangsang Sex Please surprises

WHETHER you're already running out of ways to excite seksnya? Hmm, you may start a new technique that can make the right turn on him.

Know some point that can excite him the sex, which may be far less terperhatikan by you.

First, sakrum (in women). Sakrum is a small area around the spine, right above the buttocks, which have a sensitive nerve that is connected with the genitals, "said Mark Michael and Patricia Johnson, author book The Essence of Tantric Sexuality.

Assumption is also supported by a research proves that, if the nerve in the dirangsang, will produce precisely or assist in the achievement of women orgasme to 91%.

Do, take and ask for the prone position to push the pair sakrum you. Can also provide a light massage on the part.

"The pressure will be soft and light to stimulate nerves and increase the sensitivity of women feel about sex in the summer," said Michael Gach, Ph.D., of the Acupressure Institute, as quoted Acupressure.com.

Second, the stalk breast (in men). Putting men have the same taste nerves of many women with breast hilt. If the men who usually play when women make hilt, now try the reverse.

Try to play your finger-finger with the tender area around the stalk or husband. If your husband feels inflame, continue with a pinch or mild pinching with the fingers.

Third, thumbs foot (in women). Did you know, women thumbs feet without realizing akan ikut tottery if inflame or orgasme? This is because of the taste nerves that are connected between the legs thumbs genitals.

Johnson says thumbs stimulate the feet can cause terbukti orgasme in some women. Ask couples to suck your thumb foot, a moment in the standard make.

Can also have a pair to pin the thumb with your foot while jemarinya do gentle massage movement.

According to research, massage movement on the thumbs feet can affect the sex organs of women.

Fourth, the feet (in men). Excitative point on the foot not only owned by women, but also men.

According to Michaels and Johnson, the foot is sensitive to the men. Distimulasi sensation from the foot will naturally increase male sexual passion.

Gosoklah a soft foot or your husband with the hands or the face. Therefore, make sure before doing this ritual, you and your partner are in the bath so that the net alias foot Wipe feasible.

Fifth, navel (in women). On women, navel and klitoris have many similarities. While still in the womb, they grow from the same network, so that both are connected by the same nerve when the adults are women.

If it does not believe, just try to play your finger in the navel.

Akan Sensasinya you feel up to sex. Or ask for the pair to play up to the tongue or fingers into the indentation in your navel. Can also request to kiss your navel to two or three inches below the navel.

Stimulus will be about three points akupresur called sea energy, related to the satisfaction of women and fertility.

Sixth, the nose (in the male and female). In addition to mouth, the nose has lots of end of the nerve which is very sensitive compared with other body parts in the face.

In addition, the nose has a network that can excite sexual if dirangsang. Try mengigit each other with soft light the tip of the nose and your partner. (*