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Point six is forgotten in Sex

Tahukan you not only erotic zone located on the breasts and vagina? No one if you try to find some other point that you liked the pairing. As quoted from webmd, Saturday 24 January 2009, a six-point that can make your surpise.

First, the bones sacrum
Bones are located above the tail bone. Sacrum is the bottom of the spine. Bone contains nerves that connect directly to the genitals.

Mark Michaels and Patricia Johnson, author book The Essence of Tantric Sexuality, said this nervous stimulus akan orgasme trigger. "91 percent of women feel that," he said. You can press the bones with your stomach. Your partner's certainly inflame more simply using your hands.

Second, the stalk breast
You may have a lot of the action at this point. However, try to capture some way so that your partner can enjoy more. For, this part has a lot of nerve.

You can play with the stalk end of the finger. Play with the touch of a fine. Then, increase the intensity if you are already paired inflame. If necessary, you can tweak and play with a little tug.

Third, the toes
Do you see how your feet hit the second time orgasme? Johnson says, tegangnya feet when orgasme have occurred because the relationship between nerve langung legs and genitalia. You can do this with a point stimulus kiss or even mengoral.

Fourth, foot
For some women, stimulating the feet is not desired. But you can try to get mengusapnya other sensation.

Fifth, navel
Navel and the clitoris has many similarities. In addition to the many nerves that menghubungan with an jenital your navel is a food channel and dirt while in the womb. "Faktnya, if you're still in the womb, you are a sex navel," said Johnson. You can use a finger or tongue to stimulate dareh this.

Finally, the nose
You can feel the body in the face of this, because the nerve in this section very much. You can paste each other between your nose and your partner, and less friction-grit. "I dislocated both prone sanga receive this stimulus stimulus," he said.