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Vagina (from the Latin meaning literalnya the "protective" or "cover") or the vagina [1] is a funnel-shaped tubes that connect the uterus to the outside of the body in female mammals and marsupilia, or to kloaka in female birds, monotrem, and some types of reptiles. Several types of insects and invertebrates also have a vagina, which is the final part of oviduct. Vagina is a means of reproduction in female mammals, as well as the penis in male mammals.

Vagina produce various sekresi such as sweat, sebum, and sekresi of Bartholin and Skene gland in the vulva, endometrial fluid, and oviductal (which changes according to menstrual cycle), cervical mucus, exfoliated cells, and sekresi vagina on the wall itself, which can increase sexual passion. Vagina of women of all issued pyridine, squalene, urea, acetate acid, acid laktat, alcohol complex (including cholesterol), glikol (including Propylene glikol) keton, and aldehid-aldehid. But a sour chemicals in more detail vagina expenditure share of women in two groups. All women produce acid acetate, a third of it but also produced a series of short aliphatic acids. Short chain aliphatic acids, including the asetik, propionic, isovaleric, isobutryc, propanoic, and butanoic acid, the acid level is all of the harsh chemical substance which is produced by the Primate of other species as signal touch / smell sexual. Even though no one has ever proved the role of acid-acid in the regulation of human relationships, some researchers consider this more as a "copullins" and human pheromones. "

Vagina is the female reproductive organs that are vulnerable to infection. This is the line between uretra very close to the anus, so that the germs of disease, such as fungi, bacteria, parasites, viruses and easy to burrow into the vagina. Therefore, women must be diligent to treat this personal hygiene area. Infections also occur because terganggunya kesimbangan in the vagina's ecosystem. Ecosystem vagina is a circle of life is influenced by two main elements, namely estrogen and bacteria Lactobacillus bacteria or both. Estrogen play a role here in determining the oxygen content of sugar as reserve energy in the cell body (glikogen). Glikogen the nutrition of Lactobacillus, which akan dimetabolisme for growth. The remaining acid metabolism and produce laktat, which determine the atmosphere in acid in vagina, with the potential Hydrogen (pH) in the range of 3.8 - 4.2. With this level of acidity, lush akan Lactobacillus and pathogenic bacteria (bad) will die.

In the vagina there is a wide range of bacteria, 95 percent of Lactobacillus, 5 percent pathogenic. Ecosystem conditions in the vagina balanced, pathogenic bacteria will not disrupt. When balance is disrupted, for example, decreased levels of acidity, akan turun natural defense, and vulnerable to infection. Ecosystem imbalance caused by many factors vagina. Including oral contraceptives, diabetes melitus disease, antibiotics, blood, menstruation, sperm fluid, spraying liquid into the vagina (douching), hormone disruption, and as time pubertas, pregnancy, or menopause.