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Sterilization and enjoyment Sex

May 23, 2007 by seksfile

Boyke doctor ...
I am a housewife with two children aged 5 years and 1 year. Next month, even my age 31 years. Dock, a husband and I planned to just have two children. However, to use a contraceptive tool, I was afraid, I have soalnya congenital heart rudiment.

Do contemporary women disterilisasi I can? Will this impact on the sterilization sexual relationship? That is, what I also easily get orgasme such as occurred during this. For the husband, is there any difference between women who have been with have not sterile? Whether sterilization is 100 percent capable of a result to prevent pregnancy? This is what makes sterilization is not in line with expectations, for example, suddenly I get pregnant? I wait as soon as possible. What, I do not currently using any contraception, and I fear pregnancy more ...

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Sawah Lama village, Ciputat

Sterilization is a permanent method of contraception means that fertility can not go back again. If you only plan to only two children, no one with the contraceptive sterile way. Many myths about the sterilization action, such as the loss of passion, can not orgasme and others. Please note that the action is the actual sterilization tubektomi action (cutting and fastening channel of eggs), while the ovary does not scotfree means ovary function as hormones estrogen and progesteron not disrupted. For that woman can still get passionate orgasme sex and same with women who do not sterilization, the success of the sterilization to prevent pregnancy is nearly 100 percent.

Sterilization is usually a mistake and cut the binding ligamentum presumed as tuba (egg line). Can only occur continuation back channel of eggs that have been cut and tied, but it is very rare. So I think choosing sterilization for KB you can do.