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when 10 women on the sensitive point

1. Bibirwoman n rose
Yes, the main point is the mouth that can make women inflame. Various ways can be tried, starting osculation drift, until soft bite. Bereksperimenlah with the lips, tongue, and your teeth.

2. Occiput
With only expel the breath in this area. You will make your beloved fur roma stand. Not only with the hands, you can play here. At the time you will begin to lift the scent with soft hair back, and give the impression, "I really want you!"

3. Ear
Many women enjoy when dielus ears, touch, or dicium. Walupun breathed the breath in the ears can-can, know the origin, this is not too distasteful woman. Akan more excitement when you hit the whisper words intimate and erotic persuasion in their ear.

4. Hand circle
Does not believe, wrists, also appeared to point a tremendous erotic. Women happy when bitten wrists and soft touch.

5. Feet
Many women enjoy when the feet touched, massaged, and even bitten softly. Assume their feet well and see how clean ago beloved wife enjoy very gentle caress in betisnya, fingers, legs and joints.

6. Back of the knee
It is the gathering place of the tip of the nerve-edge, and you'll never suspect, such a pair akan inflame when you lick or bite soft in this area. But remember, because this area is very sensitive. Do not pair until you feel tingling too, landed at the feet so that you face.

7. Breast
It is a common area for a woman to inflame when touched, dibelai, to diremas. Especially the putingnya. Well, learn about the touch of a desired and preferred pair. Whether the rough, hard or soft.

8. Posterior
Many women enjoy when bokongnya diremas and dielus with pressure. And you know, like the fact that there is more than just dibelai and diremas.

9. Thigh area
Persisnya in selangkangan part in that is most sensitive. Just as in the knee, this area is also the end of the nerve-the nerve pair inflammable. Remember, do not bitten, yes. Ill, lo!

10. Vagina
Precisely at the klitoris (G-Spot). This area is very sensitive though somewhat difficult to know, where the excitatory persisinya point pair. A clear, if you have found the secret spot, the pair will give you the feeling of a very intense sexual distimulir ....