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Setetes tears and smile seulas

Takan kutukar sorrow for the happiness heart audience. And, akan kutumpahkan tears of sorrow flow from each section was changed to laughter with laughter. Kuingin keep myself setetes water seulas eyes and smile.
Seteetes tears to cleanse my heart and given me the secret of life and things that ikhwal hidden. Seulas senyum menarikku near kesayanganku and son into a symbol pemijaan to the Lord.
Setetes tears menyatukanku with their broken hearts, seulas smile a sign in the presence kebahagiaanku.
I feel better if the dead in the desire and longing when I rather humdrum life and despair.
I am prepared to starve for the sake of love and beauty that is in the depth of soul, because they have kusaksikan satisfied that the person is very distressing. Have their complaints heard in the yearning and longing is more on the sweet melody of termanis.
When the night arrived mengucupkan sheath and flower bed, hug kerinduannya. Menghamipri morning when he opens the lips in order to kiss the sun.
Life with the same interest sekuntum longing and fulfillment. Setetes water seulas eyes and smile.
Water vapor and rise into a mega segumpal. Clouds float above the canyon hills and valleys to meet the wind sepoy basa, fell into the stream-join with the river and back kelaut, house.
Life cloud gemawang is a separation and meeting. What setetes water seulas eyes and smile. And, and so inseparable from the soul the soul is greater, to move substances through the world like segumpal mega grief over the mountains and plains of happiness for the death wind fall back to their origin.
Go ocean of love and beauty-to the noble Lord is omniscient.
--------- By: KG ----------